Our Partners

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Our Partners

Accessplus has partnered with a lot of companies from across the world. Presently, we are the authorized exclusive distributors for:

1. The deployment of the VENUE AI Pay-Per-Viewer Streaming Platform (a product of XCINEX Corp of USA www.xcinex.com) across Africa.

2. StreamSpot (a product of BuffaloGrid of UK (www.buffalogrid.com) in Ghana

3. StopTrack (a product of Oxygen of France www.stoptrack.com) in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya etc

4. ICYWAVE (a product of Inventia Ltd of Turkey www.icywave.com) in Ghana, Nigeria and other selected African markets

5. KEYMO (a product of BYSTAMP Inc of France www.bystamp.com) in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria

6. Solar Curtains (a product of Yalcin Energi of Turkey www.solarcurtain.co) in Ghana, Nigeria and other selected markets in Africa

7. Airtag Card (a product of Circutech Ltd, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group of Taiwan) across Africa

8. Reskube (a product of Reskube Ltd of UK www.reskube.com) in Ghana

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