Scope of Operations

International Wholesale Carrier Services Provider
As a wholesale carrier company, we carry international voice and SMS traffic worldwide. The scope of our state of the art quality of services extends to all major destinations across the world.

AccessPLUS offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help companies deliver high-quality voice services that drive increased satisfaction to their customers. We leverage our network in the telecommunications industry to deliver a service to our customers that is second to none.

As one of the licensed carriers of international voice in Ghana, our main focus is to service the International Clearing House in the aggregation of internationally-originated voice minutes terminating into Ghana and to offer the highest quality and most competitive termination for the international outbound traffic from Ghana. Whatever the distance or technology, we will manage your interconnection quickly and efficiently.

We aim to provide voice termination services across the world at competitive price and toll quality. We work towards closing the gap between what our customer's value and what we provide them! We guarantee a consistent monitoring of the traffic on our wholesale ring to ensure that connected carriers, whether through unilateral or bilateral agreements, are being offered the highest quality of wholesale carrier services.

We strive to meet the right balance between quality and price of our products because we understand that quality exists solely in the eyes of the customers, based on the value they perceive. To us, quality means to meet customers' needs and not necessarily exceed them.

Value Added Services

AccessPLUS also partners with some of the top companies and organizations in the world for the distribution and deployment of telecom, mobile financial solutions, value added services, audio-video and security technologies to Ghana and across Africa.

AccessPLUS is constantly seeking to add to the list of vendor partners to offer more services to Ghana and Africa. Contact our expert staff today to learn how we can help with all of your converged technology needs.