Our Partners

AccessPLUS works in partnership with leading companies to put the most attractive applications into the hands of service providers - satisfying their customer demands for more and better services and, most importantly, shortening the time needed to turn these solutions into revenues. By partnering with industry leaders to provide complete solutions, our joint offerings help provide companies with a stable business environment and reduce the hassles of solutions implementation.

AccessPLUS and our partners work together to help companies address critical issues and implement value-priced solutions. We leverage our combined expertise and experience to accelerate achievement of our clients goals and objectives. Some of our notable partners are listed below:

AccessPLUS is the Authorized Exclusive Representative for Inovar in Ghana/Africa. Inovar (www.inovar.com) is a US-based Value Added Services company which offers an unparalleled suite of value-priced mobile solutions for the global wireless marketplace that help mobile operators increase revenue, boost network traffic, enhance customer loyalty, and attract and retain high-value customers.

AccessPLUS is the Authorized Partner for Reewire International Aps in Ghana. Reewire International (www.reewire.com) is a Denmark-based company which offers highly competitive and unique functionality enabling banks, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), private and public companies the ability to create new revenue streams, attract new customers and to provide a range of value added services to new as well as existing customers.

AccessPLUS is the Authorized Representative for Uni-fi Roaming Solutions (Uros) in Ghana and Nigeria. Uros (www.uros.com) is an innovative Finland-based telecom services company offering a revolutionary solution for global mobile internet access. Its worldwide mobile broadband eradicates data roaming issues for international travelers as well as for telecom operators.

AccessPLUS is the Exclusive Partner for the roll out of Klozest Pay in West Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Klozest Inc (www.klozest.com) is a Silicon Valley company based in the USA.

AccessPLUS is the Authorized Partner for FaceTec Inc of USA (www.facetec.com) in Africa for the roll out of their 3D facial biometrics for banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, mobile wallets, enterprises, Governments etc.

AccessPLUS is the franchisee for PayWay, a payment gateway provider in Ghana. PayWay (www.payway.ug) is a Dubai-based payment gateway provider which offer provides mobile payments to mobile subscribers across Africa.

AccessPLUS is currently partnering with Reewire Ghana Ltd which is the Authorized Distributor of Slingbox in Ghana and Nigeria to launch and distribute the No.1 TV streaming media device - Slingbox in these countries. Slingbox is the most affordable way to turn any device into a TV everywhere. It allows users to watch and control LIVE and recorded movies, sports or TV shows anywhere across the world, anytime with the Slingbox Set Top Box (STB) in up to Full HD. Slingbox turns every tablet, phone or laptop into a TV in any part of the world where there is an internet connection with no blocked shows or games on any device and no monthly fees.

Accessplus is the Exclusive Distributors for CZUR Tech Co Ltd in West Africa (comprising of 18 countries). CZUR TECH is a Chinese-based company that manufactures the CZUR Scanners which is the world's first true smart scanners.

Accessplus is the Exclusive Distributors for Jide Technology in Ghana and Nigeria. Jide Technology is a Hong Kong based company that manufactures the Remix mini which is the world's first android PC.

Accessplus is the Exclusive Reseller of Keepod Unite based in the United Kingdom for Keepod, a personal computer on a slim usb stick in Ghana and the Reseller for Nigeria and other West African countries.

Accessplus is the Exclusive Distributor for Dot GPS based in Hong Kong for Airphone in Africa (comprising of 54 countries).

Accessplus is the Exclusive Distributor for Stancom based in Switzerland for the dual/triple sim phone adapters in Ghana and Nigeria.

Accessplus is the Exclusive Distributors of Shenzhen Guanri Netcom Technologies Co., Ltd based in China for the Tap Coin Wifi in Ghana.