About Us

AccessPLUS Communications Limited is one of the licensed carriers specialized in delivering wholesale and retail voice services to and from Ghana. AccessPLUS is licensed to originate and terminate international traffic to and from Ghana.

AccessPLUS's major goal is to provide advanced and reliable telephony solutions to individuals and companies worldwide while overtaking boundaries and artificial barriers. Our mission is to become a global telecommunications service provider making it easy and affordable to anyone anywhere to make calls worldwide overriding the national or local traditional telecom operator.

AccessPLUS intends to forge its reputation among Telecom Pillars as a strong carrier that seeks brilliance based on the International Market's needs, continuous fluctuations and trends. AccessPLUS aims to build an immaculate reputation that will enable it to compete globally with top notch VoIP companies in order to acquire powerful buying capabilities and high credit lines.

We aim to create a service that will generate better alternatives in the carrier business and create high standards of customer satisfaction which allows people across the globe to make high quality international calls. In addition, AccessPLUS deals in various technological products and services including sales of telecom equipment and VAS solutions.